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Academic Program Assessment

Updated Deadlines 


  • December 22 
    • 19-20 Assessment Reports must be submitted to Department/Final Approver (Step 8)
      • ​Department Approval must occur prior to January 15
    • 19-20 Assessment Reflections & Closing the Loop must be submitted to OIE&E (Step 2)
    • 20-21 Assessment Plans must be submitted to OIE&E (Step 4)

Resources for Academic Programs
Resource AY2019-2020
Assessment Cycle
Assessment Cycle
Manual 2019-2020 Academic Program Assessment Guidelines 2020-2021 Academic Program Assessment Guidelines
DE/Alternate Location Distance Education & Alternate Geographic Location Reporting Guidelines
Fall 2020 Chronological Deadlines Chronological Academic Assessment Guidlines for Fall 2020 - 19-20 Report & 20-21 Plan
Informational Slideshows Submitting 19-20 Reports (NEW)
VIDEO: Submitting 19-20 Reports (NEW)
Submitting 20-21 Plans (NEW)
VIDEO: Submitting 20-21 Plans (NEW)
Workflow Graphics 2019-2020 Workflow Graphic with Deadlines (UPDATED 12/17/20) 2020-2021 Workflow Graphic with Deadlines
COVID-19 Related Helpful Tips & Strategies  
Technical Information Documenting Revisions to your 2019-2020 Plan  
Resource(s) for Department Approvers How to Review & Approve Assessment Reports (PDF)
VIDEO: How to Review & Approve Assessment Reports (NEW)
Resource(s) for Liaisons Fall 2020 Assessment Liaison Information - Genera
19-20 Report Feedback: Reminders (NEW)   

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What is program assessment?


Program assessment is the process by which faculty identify essential learning outcomes for the discipline, gather information about student learning with regard to the learning outcomes, analyze and discuss that information as a faculty group, and use information gleaned during these discussions to continuously improve the educational and learning experience for all students.


Why do we do program-level assessment?

The purpose of program assessment is to:
  • Enhance the educational experience for all students;
  • Identify curricular expectations and relationships across the student experience;
  • Understand what and why student learning occurs as it does in the context of the program;
  • Further develop students' skills in the identified program learning outcomes (PLOs); and,
  • Actively involve program faculty in the curricular assessment and quality improvement process.