Core Curriculum Recertification

In order to demonstrate that courses at Texas A&M University continually meet the requirements of the core curriculum, the Core Curriculum Council established a recertification process through which, on a four-year cycle*, departments offering core courses will explain and provide evidence of the inclusion of the core objectives (student learning outcomes). 

At the beginning of each fall term departments will be asked to identify a primary contact for all communication regarding course recertification. It is that contact’s responsibility to work with faculty members teaching the core course to identify the representative section for the recertification process.

In order to fulfill the assessment submission requirement of the recertification process, once a section has been identified the faculty or instructor should indicate which assignment(s) will be submitted as part of the recertification packet. These assignments should map to the required learning objective for the course component area as shown below. Appropriate examples of student work and course materials include, but are not limited to:
  • Research or analysis papers
  • Written responses to questions embedded in tests
  • Ungraded student produced work (reflections, etc.)
  • Recordings of presentations

Additional Considerations

Please note that submitted artifacts should be free of grades/comments and should not be multiple-choice responses. Additional considerations by foundational component area may be found here.

Departments submit student work using Bulk File Upload:

Bulk File Upload
To submit using this method, the individual must be granted access to login. Primary contacts are given access during the fall term, but any others who will need access can contact and provide their UIN to gain access. Please copy the departmental contact on the email.
 Additional information about the recertification process and its requirements can be found at 

TAMU Core Curriculum Rubrics

Component Area Critical Thinking Communication* Empirical and Quantitative Skills Teamwork Social Responsibility Personal Responsibility
Communication   Oral Comm
Visual Comm
Written Comm
Life and Physical Sciences            
Language, Philosophy, & Culture    Oral Comm
Visual Comm
Written Comm
Creative Arts   Oral Comm
Visual Comm
Written Comm
American History            
Government/ Political Sciences   Oral Comm
Visual Comm
Written Comm
Social and Behavioral Sciences            

* ALL Component Areas must submit a minimum of two of the three forms of communication in their submission. Note that all forms of communication must be addressed on the forms required by the Core Curriculum Council.