Academic Assessment Review

Assessment Review is the process by which academic program assessment documentation efforts are reviewed for quality. The process serves multiple purposes, with the primary being that of providing usable feedback to departments in order to help make the assessment process useful and informative. The practice is also helpful in directing the work of the assessment team in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation in our efforts to provide resources and support to departments as they conduct their assessment.

Since the conclusion of the 2012-2013 cycle the Assessment Review process has been a centralized effort lead by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation. The Assessment Review Rubric is applied to each assessment report submitted through WEAVEonline which includes every academic program as well as many student, academic, and administrative support offices.

Results – Academic Program University Average:
Cycle Mission Statement Outcomes/
Measures Targets Findings Action Plan Analysis Question 1 Analysis
Question 2
2015-16 2.89 2.68 2.05 2.17 2.08 1.81 2.09 2.178
2014-15 2.52 2.56 2.04 1.99 2.09 1.94 2.17 N/A
2013-14 2.36 2.25 1.67 1.66 1.90 1.47 1.61
2012-13 2.31 2.14 1.63 1.65 1.86 1.29 1.43

*Data based on three point rubric. (3 - Exemplary, 2 - Acceptable, 1 - Needs Improvement)

More information on how to construct an effective assessment report can be found on the assessment home page.
Each year, the results from the assessment review are evaluated by the Assessment Review Executive Committee. This group, comprised of representatives from various colleges and divisions from across the institution, submits an annual State of Assessment report to the provost commenting on the overall status of assessment quality, the defined next-steps for improvement, and the assessment review process overall.