How is the material that our department will submit for recertification different from the material originally submitted for approval to be in the Core?
A: For approval, only the form and syllabus were submitted. The recertification process will require the form, the syllabus, and student work from each student enrolled for each of the required objectives from one section of the course. These student work artifacts could reflect the required objectives in a combination of ways:
  • One assignment demonstrating all objectives
  • Two assignments where one aligns with half of the objectives and the other aligns the other half
  • Four individual assignments each individually aligned to one of the objectives

There must be student work specifically tied to each of the required objectives for your component area.
What type of student work/artifacts can be submitted?
A: Each artifact must be assessable, in that it should be able to be scored with the FCA specific rubrics (available at assessment/core-curriculum-recertification) by a group of faculty and/or graduate students outside of the classroom setting.

Examples of Assessable Artifacts:
  • Papers (i.e. research papers, reports, book reviews, reflections, etc.)
  • Recorded presentation or speech
  • Excerpts from a written test or quiz

Items which are not assessable:
  • Multiple choice tests or quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Self-reported learning or documented instruction of the outcome
  • Student Grades

Artifacts should require student demonstration of the outcome. These items do not necessarily have to be graded in the course itself.
How will the student work that we submit be assessed?
A: Pilot participants from each component area should agree upon instruments through which to assess each required outcome. These instruments are general enough so they can be applied across the variety of courses in the core component area, yet specific enough to inform the level of student performance in the foundational component area.
How will the assessment results influence the decision to recertify a course for the core?
A: When a course comes up for recertification, OIE&E will collect the designated section of student work from the department using the methods described at assessment/core-curriculum-recertification. For recertification purposes, the CCC will verify with OIE&E that the student work submitted is assessable and that each outcome is covered by the work submitted as a part of their consideration process. Student performance will have no bearing on the CCC’s decision to recertify a course.

Additionally, student performance will not be tied to individual faculty members. Results of core curriculum assessment will be reported in the aggregate by component area (i.e. students in Language, Culture, and Philosophy courses perform at X level in critical thinking).
How do I log in?
A: Visit the WEAVEonline page and select “Log in”; you will then be prompted to enter your Net ID and password.

What if I have trouble with my Net ID?
If you do not know your Net ID or password, visit http://gateway.tamu.edu/ or call 979-845-8300. They can usually help fix the problem in just a few minutes.

I’ve logged in, but I’m getting an error page or can’t access anything.
A: Most likely you’ve been directed to an incorrect page outside of CAS authentication; close your browser and login again.

Where can I find step-by-step instructions for using WEAVE?
A: Content instructions for WEAVE components are embedded in each section of the software. You will see a "Click Here..." link.
For "how to" support, the WEAVEonline Quick Start Guide provides specific instructions on how to navigate the system.

What if I want to change the order of my outcomes and/or measures?
A: The system automatically gives you the opportunity to reorder/renumber your outcomes and measures. Click the “Reorder” button and you can drag and drop items into the order you want; select, hold, drag until a dotted line appears, and let go. Once you’re finished click save and the Assessment Summary page will show the correct order.

How can I keep track of changes/editing?
A: WEAVEonline will tell you who last updated the plan and when those changes were made. Additionally, there are comment boxes called “Editing Logs” throughout the various editing pages for more longitudinal tracking. These boxes must be manually updated.

I need to delete a goal, outcome, or measure, but I can’t find the button or it doesn’t work.
A: Your WEAVEonline administrator can delete items for you; email assessment@tamu.edu for assistance.

What if I have a supporting document? How do I enter it?
A: If you have supporting documents (reports, rubrics, charts, graphs, etc.) these can be uploaded using document management and then associated with outcomes. Instructions on how to upload documents can be found in a step by step PDF. 

How can I get help with assessment?
A: For help with assessment, click on the CONTACT tab, email assessment@tamu.edu, or 979-862-2918.

How can I get feedback on my plan?
A: All Asssessment Liasons for the colleges, schools, and divisions have access to the assessment review tool utilized the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Evaluation staff during the assessment review process. Additionally, you may reach out to your IE&E liaison who is able to review plans upon request. If you are not sure who that is, email assessment@tamu.edu. 

I am getting a “server error;” what’s wrong?
A: Try closing the browser completely and starting over. If that doesn’t work, please call OIE&E (979-862-2918) and we will investigate the problem.