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What is WEAVEonline?
WEAVEonline is a central repository for program assessment process documentation. Each degree-granting program and many student, administrative, and academic support offices are required to use WEAVEonline to document assessment processes and program improvements. Program-level information added to WEAVE can be linked to Texas A&M University's student learning outcomes, Vision 2020, as well as other strategic plans and goals.

WEAVE Timeline
WEAVEonline Task 2017-18 Cycle
Mission, Outcomes, Measures, and Targets Friday, March 30, 2018*
Findings Friday, June 29, 2018*
Action Plan(s) & Analysis Questions Friday, Sept 7, 2018*
Special Report in Distance Education (where applicable) Friday, Sept 7, 2018*
Cycle Closes Friday, Oct 5, 2018
*Some colleges and divisions have established internal deadlines that differ from the institutional timeline above. If you are unsure about any internal deadlines that may exist, contact your Assessment Liaison.

The institutional deadlines represent soft deadlines. All information in WEAVEonline is fully editable up until the cycle closes (i.e. Weaveonline is no longer editable) on October 5.

HINT: The system slows down close to WEAVE deadlines. Programs are encouraged to enter information prior to the recommended deadlines.
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