Department Information

PICA Information
Department Heads and departmental liaisons/representatives have access to PICA results through the department login at pica.tamu.eduFor access, contact

In PICA Departments can:
  • Monitor courses selected for PICA evaluation and their response rates during the open evaluation period.
  • View and download statistical summaries and verbatim comments from students of individual courses by semester.
  • View and download departmental statistical summaries by subject and course level.
  • Download a summary table of statistics for all courses per semester.
  • View item bank questions.  
Paper Evaluations
  • How to order Paper evaluations
    1. Scanning & Evaluation Services will send a list of courses taught in the department on or about the 5th class day for the Fall and Spring semesters.  Due to printing turn around, paper evaluations are not available for Summer courses.
    2. Department Liaison will review the course list, and send edits to
    3. Allow one month for printing and packaging of paper forms.
    4. Pick up forms in Henderson Hall 3rd floor. Park in Lot 30 with a University Business Pass (also three (3) UB spaces at the back of Henderson or in the loading zone on the south side of Henderson (limited to 15 minute parking).
  • Administering Paper evaluations
    1. Evaluations should be administered within the last two weeks of class.
    2. Evaluations should NOT be administered during or after final exams.
    3. Evaluations should be distributed by an individual not connected to the course. Instructor(s) should leave the room during evaluation administration. 
    4. Leave sufficient time for students to complete evaluations (20 minutes are recommended).  
  • Returning Paper evaluations
    1. Forms should be returned in the envelope they were received, with the header sheet on top.
    2. Return completed packages in course numerical order to Henderson Hall room 308.
    3. Forms are processed on a first come first served basis.