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8/11/2015 12:00:00 AM

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The 2015 Texas A&M Assessment Conference was the 15th and final

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For the past 15 years, the annual Texas A&M Assessment Conference has experienced incredible growth and success. What began in 2000 as a one-day workshop for faculty at Texas A&M flourished into a well-respected national conference, showcasing leading higher education scholars and presenters and boasting attendees from almost 200 institutions, 30+ states, and approximately 6 countries annually. For many, the Assessment Conference has become a hub for sharing ideas, innovating new assessment practices, and networking with colleagues.
As anyone who has been in higher education knows, change is inevitable; such is the case with the conference. We are writing to inform you that the 2015 Texas A&M Assessment Conference was the 15th and final. Due to shifting priorities at Texas A&M University, the Office of Institutional Assessment simply cannot continue to plan and host an event of this magnitude.
We’d like to take this time to thank a few specific people for their contributions to the conference over the years. First, Loraine Phillips, now of UT-Arlington, probably deserves the bulk of the credit for the conference’s long-term success. Her leadership of the conference and other initiatives in Texas, including LEAP Texas, is truly impressive. Next, Mark Troy of Texas A&M University, is considered to be the founder of the conference. He was there at the beginning and has been extremely influential in its growth and success. Thank you to all who have served on the Assessment Conference Committee. The support and ethos you brought to the conference was absolutely essential. Thank you to those of you who have served as plenary and workshop speakers as well as the several hundred of you who have presented at the conference. Lastly, to the many staff members who have served in the Office of Institutional Assessment over the years. Without your hard work and dedication, the conference could not have happened each year.
We are very proud of what the conference accomplished. Let’s all continue to collaborate in other venues as we work to support quality assessment practices at our own institutions. Thank you all for the many years of support!


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