The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation uses survey data to support decisions at TAMU. The office maintains two ongoing surveys graduate and student engagement. 
Graduate Surveys have four templates: 
  • Graduating senior 
  • Graduating master
  • Graduating academic doctorate (AAUDE) 
  • Professional school graduate
Student engagement survey is distributed to all undergraduate students every year. The survey is called Student Engagement at a Research University (SERU). It started at the University of California system and has since been used across the country. A full list of participants can be found at: http://seru.tamu.edu/Audience-Menu/For-Parents-and-Public/Consortium
Each of the interactive dashboards available in this section are created using Tableau. More information is available on their website. www.tableau.com
To request data, please submit an inquiry at the contact tab.