Course Evaluation

The evaluation system used in most departments for most courses at Texas A&M University is known as a Cafeteria Model of evaluation. Although it might look different at different universities and might have different names, the Cafeteria Model is the system of choice for most large public research universities.  

The Cafeteria Model is based on two basic principles of program evaluation:

The evaluation items can be found in an item bank which includes hundreds of Likert-style items on various aspects of teaching and various teaching situations and in an essay bank of essay questions covering a wide array of teaching situations. The item bank and the essay bank can be found in the PICA system.

At Texas A&M evaluations are conducted either on paper Scantron™ forms which are filled out by students in class or online in the PICA system ( which can be completed inside or outside of class on computer, tablet or phone. Early feedback is available only in PICA.