Student Information

How to access online course evaluation
Step by step guide to accessing online system.
Who will see my evaluations?
  1. The result of course and instructor evaluations have been determined to be public information. You can access previous evaluations of instructors or courses from the home page, follow the instructions in this guide.
  2. Your anonymity is guaranteed. No one will be able to link specific responses to you.
  3. Aggregate summaries are prepared for, and distributed to:
    • Course Instructor
    • Department Head
    • College Dean
Confidential Appraisal Data
All appraisal data in this system are strictly confidential. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation will report only aggregate assessment statistics and will not divulge the source of individual responses to the Instructor, Department Head, College Dean, and other University officials or external parties. However, your individual responses could be linked to you personally if subpoenaed by a court of law or law investigatory or enforcement agency as a part of an investigation of illegal activity or violations of University rules.

The results of Early Feedback appraisals will only be used by the Instructor for the purpose of making changes to the course, and will not be reported to the College Dean or Department Head. End-of-Term results will not be reported until after final grades are turned in to Registrar Office.

See here for the PICA Privacy and Security Policy.