Evaluation FAQs

Where can I find the item bank?

  • To see a sample online evaluation form, go to the PICA website (pica.tamu.edu) and enter the Guest Login. The id and password are both "guest" (without the quote marks)
  • The item bank can be found under the Instructor menu at pica.tamu.edu.

How do I order paper evaluations for my department?

  1. OIEE will send a list of courses taught in your department liaison on or about the 5th class day of each semester.  Paper evaluation are only available in Fall and Spring.
  2. Review the course list, and send edits to evaluations@tamu.edu.
  3. Allow one month for printing and packaging of paper forms.
  4. Pick up forms in Henderson Hall 3rd floor. Park in Lot 30 with a University Business Pass or in the loading zone on the south side of the building (limited to 15 minute parking).

Where do I take completed paper evaluations to be processed?

  1. Forms should be returned in the envelope they were received, with the header sheet on top.
  2. Return completed packages in course numerical order to Henderson Hall room 315.
  3. Forms are processed on a first come first served basis.

Should faculty administer their own evaluations?

No. Below is the proper way to administer paper evaluations.

Administering paper evaluations
  1. Evaluations should be administered within the last two weeks of class.
  2. Evaluations should NOT be administered during or after final exams.
  3. Evaluations should be distributed by an individual not connected to the course. Instructor(s) should leave the room during evaluation administration.
  4. Leave sufficient time for students to complete evaluations (20 minutes are recommended).
Will the instructor know that I submitted an appraisal?
How will I know my appraisal has been submitted?
You will receive a printable confirmation online immediately upon successfully submitting your appraisal. A second confirmation will be sent by e-mail. You may keep these for your records.
Can my appraisal be linked back to me?
Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation will report only aggregate assessment statistics and will not divulge the source of individual responses to the instructor, Department Head, College Dean, other University officials or external parties. Likewise, comments to essay questions will not be linked to individual responses. Student IDs will be stripped from the records before the results are made available to the instructor.
Who will see the results of the Early Feedback appraisals?
The results of Early Feedback appraisals will only be used by the instructor for the purpose of making changes to the course, and will not be reported to the College Dean or Department Head.

Who will see the results of the End-of-Term appraisals?
The results of End-of-Term appraisals will be used by the instructor for the purpose of making changes to the course, program curriculum, and will be reported to the College Dean and Department Head who may use the information for decisions about promotion and tenure.
Note to instructors: Your Department Head will receive a summary of the college and department items, but not a summary of the items you selected.

When will the instructor see the results of the End-of-Term appraisals?
End-of-Term results will not be reported to the instructor nor to the College Dean or Department Head until after all final grades are turned in to Registrar.

What is the deadline for submitting appraisals?
Appraisals must be submitted before 6:00 p.m. of the last day of the appraisal period in order for your appraisal to be recorded.

What time zone does PICA use for the appraisal schedules?
All deadlines are based on USA Central Time except courses taught at TAMU Qatar, which are based on local Qatar time.

May I revise my appraisal after I submit it?
You may log back into the system over multiple sessions during the appraisal period and revise your answers if desired. The last version you submit will be the only version recorded.

May I submit more than one appraisal per class?
You may submit only one appraisal per class. You may revise your appraisal as much as desired, but the last version you submit will be the only version recorded.