Digital Desk

Digital Desk Instructor Tools is a software platform that gives instructors more power and flexibility over their Scantron exam. By moving the old Scantron forms and functionality to a digital platform, instructors now have the capabilities to modify answer keys, run analytics, post exams scores to eCampus and send Individual Student Scores to students from any computer.  To explore some of these options login to:

NOTE:  If you log-on from an off campus computer, VPN is required.  Please contact your college and/or departmental IT staff for VPN Access/Support.


Instructor Tools
An online suite of tools by which instructors can:
  • Manage Answer keys
  • Manage Student Information
  • Understanding Exam Analysis
  • Add Bonus Points 
  • Weight Answers
  • Award Partial Credit
  • Rescore Exam 
  • Distribute Individual Student Score Reports to Students
  • Enter Test Results into eCampus

Additional Functions 
View other system functions on Digital Desk's website (