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Administrative & Support Unit Assessment


Resource AY2019-2020
Assessment Cycle
Assessment Cycle
Manual 2019-2020 Support Unit Assessment Guidelines 2020-2021 Support Unit Assessment Guidelines
Fall 2020 Chronological Deadlines Chronological Support Unit Assessment Deadlines for Fall 2020 - 19-20 Report & 20-21 Plan
Workflow Graphics & Deadlines Units WITH Internal Feedback
Units WITHOUT Internal Feedback
Units WITH Internal Feedback
Units WITHOUT Internal Feedback
Informational Slideshows Submitting 19-20 Reports (New)
Submitting 19-20 Reports (New)
Submitting 20-21 Reports (New)
Submitting 20-21 Plans (New)
COVID-19 Related Helpful Tips & Strategies  
Resource(s) for Internal Liaisons Fall 2020 Assessment Liaison Information

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What is academic/student support or administrative unit assessment?

Assessment is the measurement of the units' ability to fulfill its core functions. Staff and unit leadership use assessment results to inform continuous improvement of key functions and processes within the unit. Please see the Support Unit Assessment Guidelines for detailed information.

Why do we do assessment?

The purpose of assessment in academic/student support or administrative units is to:
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of key operational processes;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of these processes; and,
  • Develop strategies to improve services for students, faculty, staff, and the overall functioning of the university.