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Core Curriculum

Given the rapid evolution of necessary knowledge and skills the core curriculum ensures students will develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college, in a career, in their communities, and in life. Through the assessment of the core curriculum Texas A&M University is able to collect information about students’ ability to demonstrate this knowledge and skills and use that information to continuously improve the core curriculum learning experience.

Assessment & Recertification Cycle

Core Curriculum Recertification is the process by which the Faculty Senate's Core Curriculum Council reviews core courses for inclusion in the core based on a variety of characteristics including: appropriateness of the course for the Foundational Component Area, enrollment, and explanations of how students are informed of the core objectives, how the course fosters student development of the core objectives, and how each mandatory core objective is evaluated in the context of the course.

Recertification is a two year process, with all core courses rotating through as members of four cohorts. The 
Core Curriculum Assessment Cohorts are available here. During the first year, courses collect evidence of students demonstrating the required core objectives and submit to OIE&E for assessment using the Core Curriculum rubrics. During the second year courses complete the curricular review requirements defined by the Core Curriculum Council.

The Core Objectives rotate on a three year schedule. During the 2019-2020 academic year the focus on Visual Communication and Teamwork. Academic year 2020-2021 will focus on Critical Thinking and Social Resposibility. 

Spring 2020 Core Curriculum Assessment Cohort
2020-2021 Core Curriculum Assessment - Cohort B

Core Objectives by Component Area

Core Curriculum Assessment Measures

Each Component Area has a set of identified core objectives (indicated in maroon in the table below). Each core objective has a specified rubric which will be used for assessment purposes. Contact to request copies of the core objective rubrics not yet provided below.

Definitions of Component Areas and core objectives can be found either in the Undergraduate Catalog or in the Texas Administrative Code


Core Objectives by Component Area

Click on the name of the core objective to view/download the common rubric.

Component Area Critical Thinking Communication:
Visual - (Interpretation & Creation)
Empirical and Quantitative Skills Teamwork Social Responsibility Personal Responsibility
Life and Physical Sciences            
Language, Philosophy, & Culture             
Creative Arts            
American History            
Government/ Political Sciences            
Social and Behavioral Sciences            



12-minute video discussing the assessment process, submission logistics, and important considerations for instructors submitting artifacts in Academic Year 2020-2021