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From Credit to Credibility

14th Annual Texas A&M Assessment Conference - February 16-18, 2014

From Credit to Credibility. Higher education traditionally emphasizes “credits” as a metric of progressing student ability as they pursue a college degree. But is the number of completed academic hours the most accurate indicator of the knowledge and skills a student possesses? How can we meaningfully measure students’ proficiencies in the skills necessary to positively contribute to society, and what are they?

From Credit to Credibility explores methods of assessing the knowledge and skills students possess and acquire while in college and the utilization of this information to enhance the quality of higher education.

Thank you so much for attending the
14th Annual Texas A&M Assessment Conference.

We hope the conference was a positive experience for you and that you were able to gain valuable assessment insight, connect with other professionals, and now feel inspired as you return to your home institutions.

More information to come as the conference planning progresses. If you have questions, please email or call

Dr. Ryan McLawhon
(979) 458-2911

Annual Assessment Conference - Texas A&M

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