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Academic Program Assessment

What is Academic Program Assessment at Texas A&M?

Program-level assessment in academic programs is the process by which faculty gather information about what and how students are learning (Program Learning Outcomes), discuss that information as a faculty group, and use it to inform continuous improvement efforts within the academic program. These efforts ultimately help students learn and develop skills identified in the program's learning outcomes. In most programs, program-level assessment aims to answer the question What do our students know and what are they able to do by the time they graduate with this degree?


Active Assessment Cycles - Workflows & Due Dates

The bolded maroon text below indicates the current steps in the active cycles
(i.e., where the forms should currently be and when they should be submitted).
Workflow Step Role AY22-23
Submit to next step by...
Submit to next step by...
1. Enter Plan Program Coordinator Apr 8, 2022 Apr 7, 2023
2. Internal Feedback on Plan College Liaison May 20, 2022 May 19, 2023
3. Draft Report Program Coordinator Oct 27, 2023

Arts & Sciences Progs:
Sep 29, 2023
Oct 18, 2024
4. Internal Feedback on Report College Liaison Nov 17, 2023 Nov 15, 2024
5. Revise/Finalize Report Program Coordinator Dec 8, 2023 Dec 6, 2024
6. Final Approval of Report Final Approver (Dept) Dec 20, 2023 Dec 20, 2024
7. OIEE Comments OIEE Feb 2, 2024 Jan 31, 2025
8. Acknowledge Final Comments Program Coordinator Feb 9, 2024 Feb 7, 2025

Resources for Program Coordinators
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Resource Title/Description Link to Resource
Companion Manual & 
One-Page Documenation Summaries

Academic Program Assessment Guidelines - Comprehensive Resource
Summary of Assessment Plan Necessities & Best Practices
Summary of Assessment Report Necessities & Best Practices

Cycle Workflow Graphics for Assessment Documentation 2022-2023 Assessment Documentation Cycle
2023-2024 Assessment Documentation Cycle
AEFIS User Guide AEFIS User Guide 
EXAMPLES: Assessment Report &
Data-Informed Action Status Updates

Click here to see Distance Ed Program Effectiveness Examples
UG Degrees
Accounting, BBA
Aerospace Engineering, BS

‚ÄčClassics, BA
Industrial Distribution, BS
GR Degrees
Analytics, MS
Horticulture, PhD
Philosophy, PhD
Status Updates
(from AY2020-21)

Kinesiology, BS
Industrial Distribution, MID
Homeland Security Certificate
UG Certificates
Equine Science
Holistic Leadership in Engr
International Business Studies
Strategic Communication

GR Certificates
Advanced International Affairs
Applied Behavior Analysis

Women's and Gender Studies

How To...

Assess Certificate Programs Certificate Program Assessment: Planning & Measurement Strategies
Assess Graduate Programs Coming Soon
Document Assessment of Multiple Programs in a Single Report Multiple Programs in One Program Assessment AEFIS Report 
Access Past Assessment Reports How to Access Past Assessment Forms - INSTRUCTIONS

Additional Resources

Learning Outcomes & Rubrics  CTE Learning Outcomes Module     |     AAC&U Rubrics (16)     |     TAMU DSA (17)
VIDEOS:  Steps in the Assessment Planning Process  Introduction to Assessment   |   Writing SLOs   |   Curriculum Mapping   |   Assessment Tools   
Artifact Mapping   |   Data Collection

(from the Office of University Assessment at the University of Kentucky) 
Example PLO Rotation Schedule  Example
This PDF shows an example of how a program might set up their assessment schedule and PLO rotation. 
Program Assessment Glossary A list of terms used in the academic program assessment process at Texas A&M
Distance Education Programs Click here to be redirected to information on DE Program Effectiveness.
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Resources for Final Approvers of Assessment Reports
(Department Heads, Assistant Deans & Progam Directors)
Instructions Handout This one-page handout explains your role in annual assessment reporting and walks you through the process of approving reports step-by-step.
Walkthrough Video This video covers the same information as the handout, but shows you the step-by-step process in AEFIS.
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Resources for Liaisons
Resource Title Link to Resource
Liaison Companion Manual
*Updated August 2023*
PDF   |   Word
Top 3 Things  Top 3 Things to Look for in Program Assessment Reports
Action Items Video VIDEO: Which forms in my Action Items list are ready for feedback?
Data Collection Form Status Report  Instructions
Shows step-by-step how to generate a report in HelioCampus (formerly AEFIS) that will detail what step each program assessment form is on in a given cycle.
Data Collection Details Report Instructions
Report that shows the current contents of a program assessment form (as long as the form has been submitted in the system at least once).  Useful if you need to see the contents of a form that is not currently on your Action Items list.
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