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Scanning Information & Resources

For New Users:
What should I expect at my scanning appointment?

What to do first:
Schedule an appointment. Follow the instructions on that page. Scanning Services uses Google to manage appointment requests.

Where to go: 
Scanning Services is located on the 3rd floor of Henderson Hall, Room 315. Henderson Hall is the three-story building behind All Faiths Chapel. There is one parking spot reserved for Scanning, located against the brick fence shared with All Faiths Chapel. A small sign is posted on the fence above the spot.

What to bring:
  • Stack of completed Scantrons filled in by students (TAMU 8 1/2 x 11, for reference only)
  • Answer key(s), filled out on the same TAMU Scantron linked above

If a Teaching Assistant will be responsible for the appointment, the Instructor should ensure the TA knows the following information:
  • Which course section(s) are being scanned and whether all sections should be scanned under the same Exam ID or separately
  • Exam name, total number of items, and maximum points the exam is worth
  • If applicable, number of bonus items and/or item weights if they are different across items

How it works:
Scanning Services will set up the exam in DigitalDesk using the information listed above. Answer key(s) will be scanned first, then the stack of student Scantrons will be scanned. As the Scantrons are processed through the scanner, the Instructor/TA can monitor the student scores on the computer screen if they wish.

The scanners require that certain conditions are met in order to successfully process Scantrons:
  1. Students must use a No. 2 pencil on an original Scantron. That is, pen ink is not accepted and photocopies of Scantrons will be rejected by the scanners. 
  2. Student name and UIN must be written and bubbled in correctly. The scanning software automatically checks that this information matches course enrollment. The scanner will automatically reject Scantrons with UIN errors.  If this occurs, staff will confirm the correct UIN for that student and will ask the TA or Instructor to make the necessary change to the Scantron before re-scanning. Scanning staff cannot erase or make any pencil marks on a student Scantron.
  3. Scantrons should be free of any physical damage, including tears, water marks, extensive creasing, or any other alternation that may keep the sheet from lying flat. Physical damage to a Scantron may result in the sheet being rejected by the scanners. If this occurs, the Instructor/TA will need to hand grade that student's exam.
After all Scantrons have been processed, the Instructor will receive an email confirmation that includes the Exam ID and a link to DigitalDesk's Instructor Tools, a web-based platform for managing the exam (generating reports, pushing grades to the LMS, etc.). The Instructor Tools User Guide is linked at the top of this page.