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For Students Step-By-Step Guide - How to access and respond to your Student Course Evaluations
  • All responses are anonoymous
  • Answers cannot be changed once you click SUBMIT
For Instructors/
Teaching Assistants
Step-By-Step Guide - How to access your Student Course Evaluation response rates and results
  • Track response rates from the My Course Evaluation widget on your AEFIS dashboard. 
  • Please note that the 'Overall Instructor Rating' shown in the step-by-step guide screenshots WILL NOT appear in your widget. 
  • Response rates are updated twice daily (7:00am & 7:00pm CT).
Dean of Faculties Forum &  strategies for gathering SCEs in AEFIS
For Department Heads 
Visit the Accessing AEFIS Reports page, as well as the links below for accessing specific kinds of SCE reports.
Quick Look:
Generating Specific Reports
Example SCE using only University-wide Standardized Items (i.e., Common SCE Items)