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Common SCE Items

The following ten questions are the University-wide Standardized items that will be included in all student course evaluation end-of-semester forms. Each item is accompanied by distinct scales and will be followed by a text box, allowing students to provide additional written comments. 

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) will be used for the publicly accessible student course evaluation reports.  However, these reports will not include any written comments, nor will they incorporate results from any additional college, department, program, or instructor-specific items.
Item # Item Description
1 Begin this course evaluation by reflecting on your own level of engagement and participation in the course. What portion of the class preparation activities (e.g., readings, online modules, videos) and assignments did you complete?
2* Based on what the instructor(s) communicated, and the information provided in the course syllabus, I understood what was expected of me.
3* This course helped me learn concepts or skills as stated in course objectives/outcomes.
4* In this course, I engaged in critical thinking and/or problem solving.
5* Please rate the organization of this course.
6* In this course, I learned to critically evaluate diverse ideas and perspectives.
7* Feedback in this course helped me learn. Please note, feedback can be either informal (e.g., in class discussion, chat boards, think-pair-share, office hour discussions, help sessions) or formal (e.g., written or clinical assessments, review of exams, peer reviews, clicker questions).
8 The instructor fostered an effective learning environment.
9 The instructor’s teaching methods contributed to my learning.
10 The instructor encouraged students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Please see the University-wide Standardized Items PDF below for response options and notes.
       University-wide Standardized Items for Student Course Evaluations (SCE) - PDF

The following open-ended question will be included in Mid-Term SCE forms for courses opted in: Kindly share any general comments about this course to facilitate early feedback. However, the results will solely be accessible to the instructors.

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