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SCE Liaisons

NOTICE:  If there have been Liaison changes in your department, please email us at

Responsibilties and expectations of those in Departmental Liaison roles include working in collaboration with department leadership and faculty to:
  • Notify OIE&E of any departmental code changes/additions/deletions for courses offered through the department (i.e., any changes to the 4-letter designation for courses offered by the department)
  • Ensure that all instructors who need to be evaluated are entered into Compass/Howdy, including Teaching Assistant's who need to be entered by department via SWASECT (AEFIS updates the following day)
  • Follow these steps to verify that all instructors and TA's are entered correctly in AEFIS
  • Verify partial terms in AEFIS
  • Verify courses and specific terms for courses in AEFIS
  • Periodically review and confirm departmental items to be included on course evaluations regarding of type of evaluation 
  • Monitor response rates in AEFIS during open evaluation period
  • Verify annually those individuals within the department who are authorized to have access to all departmental SCE reports
  • Serve as the departmental point of contact for departmental faculty notification of evaluation process
We believe these efforts will help strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of preparation of student course evaluations for departments.
Department  Department Code Department Liaison(s)
 Agriculture and Life Sciences
 Agricultural Economics  AGEC Donna Chester
Dusty Menzies
 Agricultural Leadership, Education, and   Communication  ALEC Michelle Payne
Rebekah Rodriguez
 Animal Science   ANSC Kathrin Dunlap
Donna Witt
 Biochemistry/Biophysics  BCBP Kaitlyn McGaff
Raquel Masco
 Biological and Agricultural Engineering  BAEN Patti Smith
 Ecology and Conservation Biology  ECCB Lindsay Hutchins
 Entomology  ENTO Craig Coates
Food Science & Technology  FSTC Joseph M. Awika
Horticultural Sciences  HRSC Tammy Neel
Nutrition  NUTR Coty Mitchell
 Plant Pathology and Microbiology  PLPM Sam Murdock
 Poultry Science  POSC Lori Bienski
Elizabeth Hirschler
 Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences   RPTS Koy Moser
 Soil and Crop Sciences  SCSC Kathy Schmitt
 Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management  RWFM Jene't Beck
 Architecture  ARCH Ginger White
 Construction Science  COSC Elizabeth Smith
 Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning  LAUP Debbie Heckler
 Visualization  VIZA Traci Zaragoza
 Bush School of Government & Public Service
 International Affairs INTA Peggy Hosea
 Public Service and Administration PSAA Kimberly Reeves
Dentistry   Aparna Biradar
Kimberly Luttman
Education & Human Development
Educational Administration and Human Resource Development  EAHR Marie Shelfer
 Educational Psychology  EPSY Christina Presley
 Health & Kinesiology   HLKN Chandell Billings
 Teaching, Learning, and Culture   TLAC Robin Alderete
 College of Engineering  CLEN Carol Broach
 Aerospace Engineering  AERO Christina Escamilla
 Biomedical Engineering  BMEN Eileen Hoy
Mary McDougall
 Chemical Engineering  CHEN Victor Ugaz
 Civil Engineering  CVEN D'Anne Crain
Mary Beth Hueste
 Computer Science & Engineering  CSCE Beverly Joseph
Dezhen Song
 Electrical and Computer Engineering  ECEN Miroslav Begovic
Zixiang Xiong
 Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution  ETID Rita Wilson
 Industrial and Systems Engineering  ISEN Cheryl Kocman
 Materials Science and Engineering  MSEN Jules Henry
 Mechanical Engineering  MEEN Ashley Schmitt
 Multidisplinary Engineering   MTID Timothy Jacobs
 Nuclear Engineering  NUEN Laurie McArthur
 Ocean Engineering  OCEN Charlie Donaway
Vijay Panchang
 Petroleum Engineering  PETE Kathy Beladi
Mary Lu Epps
 Atmospheric Sciences  ATMO Myra Rangel
 Geography  GEOG Kristi Wolff
Roxanna Russell
 Environmental Geosciences  GEOS Allison Harms
 Geology and Geophysics  GEPL David Sparks
Suzanne Rosser
 Oceanography  OCNG Myra Rangel
Pharmacy CLCP Gilbert Reyna
Kim Tanzer
Law CLSL Terri Helge
David William Dye
Liberal Arts
 Anthropology  ANTH Naomi Rodriquez
 Communication  COMM Marisa Winking
 Economics  ECON Teri Tenalio
 English  ENGL Lisa Carouth
 Hispanic Studies  HISP Richard Curry
 History  HIST Mary Johnson
 International Studies  INTS Ede Lowe
 Liberal Arts  LBAR Amber Greer
 Performance Studies  PERF John Abi-Najm
 Philosophy  PHUM Scott Morris
Lauren McAuliffe
 Political Science  POLS Carrie Kilpatrick
Douglas Thornton
 Psychology  PBSI Sarah Coppedge
 Sociology  SOCI Christi Barrera
 Mays Business School
 Accounting  ACCT Tara Blasor
Diana Kruse
 Finance  FINC Timothy Dye
 Information & Operations Management  INFO Donna Shumaker
 Management   MGMT Kimberly Scherer
Phyllis Washburn
 Marketing  MKTG De'Ambra Harmon
Spring Basey
 International Business Masters  BUSN/IBUS Cheryl Williams
Missy Lund
  MS Business  BUSI Richard Castleberry
  Executive MBA  EMBA Julie Orzabal
  Professional MBA  PMBA Deborah Mann
  Master MBA  MMBA Sarah Jaks
Nursing CLNU Mike Liske
Public Health
Public Health CLPH Eric Wilson
Lieu Jean
Christine Farris
Andy Tag
Urania Wells
 Chemistry  CHEM Miranda Easley
 Mathematics  MATH Alisa Baron
Alan Demlow
 Physics and Astronomy  PHYS Heather Walker
 Statistics  STAT Kim Ritchie
Michael Longnecker
 Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
 Large Animal Clinical Sciences   VLCS Laura Beach
Jennifer Wilson
 Small Animal Clinical Sciences  VSCS Laura Beach
Salena Scott
 Veterinary Integrative Biosciences  VIBS Daeghan Drgac
Jessica Alvarado
 Veterinary Pathobiology  VTPB Robin Callahan
Martha Huebner 
 Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology  VTPP Lisa Roberts-Helton
 Texas A&M University at Galveston
 Liberal Studies  LIST  
 Foundational Sciences  FSCI/MATH/CHEM/PHYS Grace Townsend
Melanie Moser
Phillip Brown
 Marine Biology   MARB Rachel Ball
Rachel Sellers
 Marine Engineering Technology   MARE Matthew Kane
 Marine & Coastal Environmental Sciences   MCES/OCNG/PLAN/GEOG Rachel Sellers
 Maritime Transportation   MART Ryan Vechan
 Maritime Business Administration   MARA Joe Knox
 Texas A&M University at Qatar
 Chemical Engineering  CHEN Farooqi Hamad
 Electrical and Computer Engineering  ECEN Noha Ezzat
 Mechanical Engineering  IDIS/MECH Roba Gharbaia
 Petroleum Engineering  PETE/GEOP/GEOL Nimir Elbashir
Ghada Hamed
 Liberal Arts  TLAC/POLS/ENGL/ANTH Khadija El Cadi
 Science  CLSC/CHEM/MATH/PHYS Hala EI-Dakak