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Texas A&M uses AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System) for annual program assessment, student course evaluations, core curriculum assessment and CD/ICD assessment. All told, AEFIS is comprised of 8 solutions that are integrated with each other and, in the future, with Canvas. The Offices of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation is working with institutional and college leadership to identify priorities for rolling out the multiple solutions for campus use.

Request AEFIS Access

If requesting access to Student Course Evaluation (SCE) Results in AEFIS, approval from the Department Head is required.
Please have the Department Head email to approve the request once submitted.

To request access to your department's report landing page (not in AEFIS), please submit the request form here.

Are you requesting access/removal for yourself or someone else?:

Access Request or Access Removal:

Are you a support/administrative unit?: