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Student Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes

Program-Level Measurement Strategies for Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate programs interested in using the CAT, GPI, or Written Communication Assessment Toolkit for assessment of program learning outcomes in AY2021-22 should email

Critical Thinking
Definition Including the ability to:
  • Evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from a variety of sources;
  • Use appropriate strategies and tools to represent, analyze, and integrate information; and
  • Develop critical, reasoned positions.
Measure Critical-thinking Assessment Test (CAT) - Tennessee Tech
  • Online administration
  • Subset of student tests used for in-person scoring
Written Communication
Definition Including the ability to:
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills;
  • Present work effectively to a range of audiences; and
  • Effectively communicate original and creative ideas.
Measure Written Communication Assessment Rubric 
  • OIEE facilitates training of scorers, if desired
  • Also open to graduate programs
  • Can be used to score any type of written artifact (lit review, research paper, essay question response, reflection/reaction paper, etc.)

Social, Cultural, and Global Competence
Definition Including the ability to:
  • Live and work effectively in a diverse and global society;
  • Articulate the value of a diverse and global perspective; and
  • Recognize diverse economic, political, cultural, and religious opinions and practices.
Measure Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) – Iowa State University
  • Online administration