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Updated October 2022
IMPORTANT: Instructors who set up exams and create answer key(s) ahead of time in Instructor Tools must RENAME the answer key forms prior to bringing scantrons in to Scanning Services for processing. Follow the instructions for creating an answer key in the Instructor Tools User Guide, and in addition, click the "Edit Form Name" button for each key you create and rename it to Form A, Form B, etc. The default form name is Form 1, Form 2, etc. DigitalDesk software WILL NOT recognize the numeric form names, so please ensure the correct naming convention is used and click Save when finished.

What is Instructor Tools?

DigitalDesk utilizes an online platform called Instructor Tools which instructors can access to manage their exams that have been processed by Scanning Services.

In Instructor Tools, instructors can access exam results and reports which show:
  • Overall exam reliability
  • High and low scores
  • Mean and median scores
  • Standard deviation of scores

Instructors can delve deeper into individual test items to learn more about:

  • Question difficulty
  • Effectiveness of question distractors
  • Effectiveness of test questions to discriminate between students of different achievement levels

In addition to allowing instructors to access reports online, instructors can also:

  • Update answer keys
  • Add bonus points
  • Award partial credit
  • Rescore exams after changes have been made
  • Upload grades into Canvas gradebooks
    • The Instructor Tools manual provides guidance on how to upload grades to Canvas. Visit for additional guidance regarding gradebook and assignment settings.