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Accessing SCE Reports

Resources for Instructors, Liaisons & Department Heads

Landing Page Tableau SCE Reports
(Reports Form Request with Department Head Approval Required)
Instructors Only - The following guide provides step-by-step instructions for accessing and downloading past SCE results from your AEFIS dashboard. Please note that the guide specifically addresses how to locate results from past semesters; more recent SCE results are listed in the My Course Evaluations widget without having to make any other selections.

SCE Summary Report for Department Head - This report provides easy access to descriptive statistics (frequency, average, median, standard deviation) and comments from students across courses offered by a department. The report will also allow users to filter by subject code, specific courses, sections for a given course, and course range (e.g., all 200- level courses). This report also provides the ability to review results across specific instructors or Teaching Assistants (TAs).

There are several tabs included in this Department SCE Summary Report: Department Summary; Statistical Summary; Summary Comparison; and three Download Reports (Download Overall, Download Comments, and Download Questions), which provide raw data for download.

Report: Analysis of Student Course Evaluation by Instructor – Allows users to generate a report that displays SCE results for a specific instructor or teaching assistant. Users can select whether to include student comments/qualitative items in the report.
Note: Instructors and teaching assistants will only be able to see their own course evaluation results through this report.

Department Summary  provides both descriptive statistics and comments, as well as the response rate for selected courses. A question needs to be selected first to view the results.

Report: Course Evaluation Analysis  - Allows users to generate a report that aggregates student course evaluation results by Department, Course, or Course section, depending on the user's level access. 
  • Guide coming soon
Statistical Summary provides ONLY the descriptive statistics (thus, no comments included), but presents all the questions on ONE page.

An Instructor share version of this Summary Comparison Reports is available to Department Heads that can be shared with instructors (note: No instructor information is provided on this report to maintain confidentiality).
Report: Course Section Trend Analysis  - Allows users to generate a report that shows SCE results over multiple terms. Results can be aggregated at the college, department, course, or section level. Includes the ability to compare results to any level in the organizational hierarchy (e.g., course section results compared to institution results on a particular item).
  • Guide coming soon
Summary Comparison provides different comparisons of the descriptive statistics for different levels, such as Department Overall vs. Course Level vs. Course Section. Based on what is needed, different filters can be chosen for comparisons. A question needs to be selected first to view the results.
Some additional Department User Guides: Instructors Comparisons allows the department to sort the average scores of selected instructors based on a multi-choice SCE question. The default sorting is from highest score to lowest.
Quick Overview of Where to Access SCE Data AEFIS SCE’s Reports Landing Page Tableau SCE’s Reports
Overall Department Level SCE Report x x
Subject Code Course Level Reports x x
Course Level Reports x x
Course-Section Level Reports x x
Course-Section Level Reports by Range (200-299)   x
Individual Instructor or TA Report x x
Department Level Student Comments by Specific Question(s)   x
Student Comments for Specific Instructor or TA x x
Student Comments for Specific Instructor or TA by Question(s)   x
Combined Sections for Specific Course (Department Level) x x
Combined Sections for Specific Instructor or TA   x
Statistical Comparison Across Courses and Sections   x
Longitudinal Reports (In progress) x  
Download Reports (Download All, Download Comments, Download Questions)   x
Instructors Comparisons Report   x
  • For previous Student Course Evaluation reports, prior to Fall 2020, completed online in PICA (Personalized, Instructor Course Appraisal) system, use Department login at


Resources for Course Coordinators


How to Access and Download SCE Results in AEFIS

Resources for Instructors/Co-Instructors and TAs

  • See additional AEFIS step-by-step guide on how to access your Student Course Evaluation response rates and results.
  • Track response rates from "My Course Evaluation" widget on your AEFIS dashboard. Note: Response rates are updated twice daily (7:00 am and 7:00 pm CT).
  • For access to previous evaluations (prior to Fall 2020), submitted electronically, use the Instructor login at

SCE Reports in PICA:

  • The PICA Longitudinal Summary Report - Compare overall ratings in one course with the same course taught in previous terms for which data is available in PICA.
  • The Statistical Summary Report - Summative data for a single section.
  • The Comparative Reports - Compare overall ratings in one section to similar courses across the Department/ College/ University.