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Administrative & Support Unit Assessment

What is administrative and support unit assessment?

Support unit assessment (which includes both administrative units and academic/student support units) is the process by which leadership and staff identify key outcomes, collect and analyze data on those outcomes, and determine ways to continuously improve the internal functions and services offered by the unit. Please see the Support Unit Assessment Guidelines for detailed information (below).


Active Assessment Cycles - Workflows & Due Dates

The bolded maroon text below indicates the current steps in the active cycles
(i.e., where the forms should currently be).
Workflow Step Role
Submit to next step by...
Next Cycle
1. Enter Plan Program Coordinator Apr 15, 2022                                            
2. Feedback on Plan Liaison/OIE&E May 20, 2022  
3. Draft Report Program Coordinator Nov 17, 2023  
4. Feedback on Report Liaison/OIE&E Dec 20, 2023  
5. Revise/Finalize Report Program Coordinator Jan 12, 2024  
6. OIEE Comments OIEE Feb 2, 2024  
7. Acknowledge Final Comments Program Coordinator Feb 9, 2024  




Resources for Program Coordinators

Resource Title Link to Resource
Companion Manual 
Support Unit Assessment Guidelines
Workflow & Deadline Graphics 22-23 Cycle
Accessing Past Assessment Forms How to Access Past Assessment Forms - INSTRUCTIONS 
Student Learning Outcomes & Rubrics for
Academic/Student Support Units 
TAMU DSA Rubrics
AEFIS User Guide AEFIS User Guide (Program Assessment)
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Resources for Liaisons

Resource Title
Link to Resource
Liaison Companion Manual
PDF    |    Word
Workflow Status Report Workflow Status Report Instructions
Data Collection Details Report Data Collection Details Report Instructions (with feedback fields)
Data Collection Details Report Instructions (without feedback fields)
Workflow & Deadline Graphics 22-23 Cycle
Need access? Click HERE to fill out the AEFIS Access Request form.